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Novomesh® 950

Novomesh® 950 Macro-Synthetic Fibre Blend



The new and improved Novomesh® 950 secondary reinforcement system for concrete is a blend of polypropylene/polyethylene high performance macro-monofilament fibers with geometrically designed, patented sinusoidal deformations and 100% virgin polypropylene micro-synthetic fibres containing no reprocessed olefin materials. With a wider cross-section resulting in an increased surface area of the macro fibre, the new blend delivers improved adhesion in the concrete mix, increased bond strength and an overall increase in performance for toughness and crack holding capability.



Novomesh® 950 requires no minimum amount of concrete cover, and is always positioned in compliance with codes. It is safe and easier to use than traditional reinforcement and will save you time and hassle.





  • Macro-synthetic/micro-synthetic fibre blend for secondary reinforcement in lieu of welded wire reinforcement and light rebar
  • Wider cross-section provides increased surface area for superior tight crack width control
  • Inhibits formation of plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracks
  • Provides impact, abrasion, and shatter resistance
  • Lowered water migration
  • Provides higher levels of residual strength
  • Provides improved durability
  • Control of drying shrinkage and temperature cracking
  • Good finishing characteristics
  • Pumpable reinforcement



Primary Applications;


  • Slabs-on-ground
  • Parking Areas
  • Exterior pavements
  • Sidewalks & driveways
  • Overlays & toppings
  • Non-magnetic applications
  • Runways



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