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Featured Brock White News

Flexamat | A great alternative to rip rap!

Flexamat is a tied concrete block mat used to control erosion in swales, ditches, slopes, shoreline protection, or any area where soil sediment can be moved by water runoff.


Brock White Expands Insulation Offerings With The Purchase of Steels

Brock White is your source for commercial and industrial insulation and accessories from today’s leading manufacturers. From mechanical, pipe, commercial..


BASF Launches Master Builders Solutions

BASF has launched the Master Builders Solutions brand on January 15, 2014. Master Builders Solutions will be BAASF’s global brand for construction...


Brock White Introduces Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.

What began with one revolutionary product has led to an entire Family of revolutionary products. Brock White Canada is pleased to be the official distributor of Perma-Chink...


Pangaea Natural Stone

Pangaea Natural Stone offers a wide range of exterior and interior natural stone products that are unmatched in the industry. These products include natural stone thin veneers...


Nudura One Series

The Nudura line of Insulated Concrete Forms is growing, and Brock White is your source for Nudura products and information. The new One Series is the industry's first...


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