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Brock White Expands Insulation Offerings With The Purchase of Steels


Brock White Canada is your source for commercial and industrial insulation products and accessories from today’s leading manufacturers.

From mechanical, pipe, commercial and OEM insulation to fire protection and refractory products, Brock White carries a complete line of insulation products. We represent leading insulation manufacturers including 3M, Manson Insulation, CertainTeed and Pittsburgh Corning. With the acquisition of Steels, Brock White is a full line distributor of industrial insulation products from Roxul and Manson, IIG and ITW. And if you can’t find the right products off-the-shelf, Brock White can customize a solution at one of our fabrication plants.

If your project calls for a specialized solution, you can count on Brock White to fabricate it to your specifications. Our fabrication facility in Calgary, Alberta features a computerized profile saw and high output equipment which enable our team to fabricate pipe insulation from Trymer®. Brock White also produces quality crafted elbows and tees from Foamglas® and Trymer® insulations. We will soon be re-opening our Edmonton fabrication facility soon to better supply the product demands in Northern Alberta. In need of laminated insulation products? We also produce a full line of laminated insulation products including Metal Building Insulation, Formaldehyde Free Duct Wrap and other products.

Manufactured insulation products include:
Trymer® Pipe Insulation products
Foamglas® Pipe Insulation products
Curved Foamglas® Segments Elbows and fittings in any size
Laminated products with FSK or vinyl facings Gore Elbows
Fab Straps Tees

Contact a Brock White sales representative for more detailed product information or to obtain a quote.



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