Case Study - Acrylabs

Metal Roof repair project featuring Acrylabs

AcryLabs is the roofing systems leader in the production of 100% acrylic elastomeric coatings and fluid-applied roof systems for the industrial, commercial and construction industries.

The Acrylabs system is a fluid applied, seamless, fully adhered membrane. This roofing system is self-flashing and adheres to virtually all existing roof surfaces, including EPDM, Asphalt (BUR) and Metal. 

Project Details


BW Products Used:  Acrylabs 2100B Base Coat - Grey, Acrylabs 2100 Finish Coat - White, Butyl Buttons, Rollers and Brushes

Project Completion: June 2017

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Contractor: Ziegler and Denz Construction

Brock White Sales Representatives: Jason Farthing & Wayne Davis





The building in this case featured a low slope roof that was leaking at the seams.  This became particularly problematic when ice damming occurred.  The owners needed a quick and economical way to repair the problem,

Acrylabs was selected as the product of choice, as it did not require the removal of the existing roof panels.  A grey base coat with a white top coat was selected. White coatings make a direct impact on the internal and external environment of any structure. The reflective surface ensures that excessive heat does not develop on the roof. To the owner, the benefits of “Cool Roofing” are immediate and direct. 

The project took two days to complete and offered the benefit of no odour or VOC's as Acrylabs is a water based product.



Base Coat Application

Applied with brushes & rollers

Top Coat applied with a Sprayer