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American Road PatchTM Peel and Seal Repair Patch embeds into the roadway forming a waterproof seal, extending the life of repairs. Unlike traditional methods, American Road Patch is a cost effective product that properly contains, strengthens, and seals potholes, cracks, and utility cut repairs.


Today’s current asphalt repair methods do not address the cause of the problem - keeping water out of the repaired area. Traditional repair methods use only fills, which are temporary at best. American Road PatchTM is the solution! Take the extra step now and avoid repeat repair work later.

Easy to apply - no special trucks or equipment needed
• High-strength fiberglass grid reinforced
• Bonds to both asphalt or concrete
• Patented technology
• Plow resistant
• Complete repairs without shutting down roadway

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1. Remove loose material from repair site. Fill and seal intersection cracks around repair. Fill area with hot or cold asphalt fill mix.
2. Compact fill mix. The material should be compacted so that the surface of the fill is level or slightly above the surface of the roadway.



3. Clean area of dust, debris, salts or oils. Dry completely. If ambient temp is below 75˚F, either apply propane torch to surface and heat or apply approved primer.
4. Cut patch to extend beyond repair area by 4" on all sides. If 2 or more pieces are required to cover the area, a min. of 3" overlap is required.



5. Peel the release film - apply to prepared area. Tamp or roll to bond patch to clean, dry pavement. Patch should be exposed to traffic immediately.


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Case Study


Highway 21 in St. Louis, Missouri had a daily traffic count between 24,000 to 28,000 vehicles a day. Large cracking was occuring so two 21' sections of American Road Patch was laid down side by side after zero prep work outside of sweeping the pavement off.

The site was revisted four years later and the patch was still holding strongly with no signs of cracking compared to the untreated pavement around it.


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