Anthony Henday Drive

Anthony Henday Drive

Upgrading and expanding the existing highway around Edmonton, AB.

project details

BW Product Used: DOW HI-Load Rigid Insulation 1” HI-60  2” HI-40

Location: Edmonton, AB

General Contractor: PCL/KCM

Architect: CH2M Hill

Engineer: AECOM Engineering

Sub/Specialty Contractor: Standard General (paving), St. Albert

The project consisted of upgrading and expanding the existing ring road highway around Edmonton to a six lane divided freeway with 7 new bridge structures to ease traffic congestion at peak travel hours and to eliminate the need for the existing traffic signals.The project’s main problem has not been material availability or the lack of trades personnel but rather Mother Nature. Edmonton’s building season has been impacted by a very wet season thus far which has created stress to the construction timeline as well as adding mounted pressure to the sub-contractors to have their scope of the project completed.
The purpose of using Dow Styrofoam in the project was to prevent frost penetration and subsequent ice lensing due to the sub grade, made up of extremely deep content of wet silty clay. The cost of using the insulation placed over the existing sub grade is substantial but the costs to remove the entire sub grade over the entire roadway, truck it away and replace with aggregate would have been exponentially higher. The result is a roadbed that will not freeze nor experience the subsequent heaving and deterioration providing a significant savings to the government on construction.