New Apostolic Church



Brock White supplied Arriscraft ARRIS-clip units with the pre-engineered Gridworx™ channel system to the New Apostolic Church project. The General Contractor found the Gridworx™ system to be extremely beneficial as it was so easy and efficient to install in a timely matter. We also supplied Cultured Stone for both the exterior and interior completing the design concept based on the Arriscraft feature walls. The result is a beautiful and seamless job that was completed despite there being a shortage of manual labour at the time of construction.


BW Products Used:

Project Completed: 2019

Location: Coquitlam, BC

General Contractor: QUMA Construction Inc.

Mason: Cutting Edge Stone Masonry

Brock White Sales Representative: Trina Bentley







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ARRIS▪clip Renaissance® thin-clad units are simply clipped to a substrate on the pre-engineered Gridworx™ channel system, creating a back-drained and ventilated rainscreen; an easy and efficient means of installation. This cost-efficient curtain wall system allows you to achieve stone façades without the costly “curtain wall” price.


Cultured Stone® will not only enhance the beauty of your project, it will also add value and maintenance-free performance while helping to protect the environment. With Cultured Stone® you can expect the finest quality manufactured stone veneers that are backed by a 50 year warranty.