AquaBlok® 2080FW is a patented composite aggregate sealant resembling small stones that is comprised of a limestone aggregate core wrapped with powdered sodium bentonite clay. Built on a simple premise, AquaBlok’s equally simple design and familiar ingredients can do extraordinary things. But in its simplest form this bentonite-wrapped “composite particle system” stops water – period.

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Key Benefits and Technical Advantages

  • Efficient and effective delivery of high-value, high-quality sodium bentonite at relatively low concentrations
  • Improved uniformity and reliable seal in inches rather than feet; no field mixing or blending
  • Low cost handling & installation
  • Unique geotechnical attributes: dense, self-compacting; high shear strength
  • Highly versatile: ready out of the package in a full range of designs and orientations

Aquablok Spec Sheet

Aquablok Product Overview

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New! Trench Dam Material

Typically, bedding and backfill around a pipeline is a relatively permeable material, which can create a preferential pathway for water to flow along the outside of the pipe. This can erode the bedding material and cause subsidence, which can result in pipe failure, and in extreme cases, the formation of sinkholes and surface failures.

The use of trench dams (also known as trench breakers and anti-seep collars) is recommended to minimize these issues. That's where AquaBlok comes in. The bentonite-coated aggregate supports the exterior of a pipe, serving as a bedding aggregate. Once AquaBlok is hydrated, it swells and seals, but never completely hardens like concrete. Instead, it remains flexible, conforming tightly to complex shapes, like that of a pipe.

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Aquablok Applications

  • Contaminated Sediments
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Well Sealant & Grouting
  • Lake & Pond Management
  • Landfill Applications
  • Anti-Seep Collar & Sealant
  • Levee Repair
  • Water Proofing Material

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