Braid Street


When a new trench was built on Braid Street in New Westminster, BC, an efficient and safe solution was needed for building trench dams. Stantec specifically chose AquaBlok due to concern for ground water flowing down the trench after install and compaction around the newly installed pipe. Trench dams are commonly used where engineers mix materials on site, but with Aquablok they are able to make them thinner and install them much faster and more safely. 


BW Products Used: AquaBlok

Project Completed: October 2017

Location: New Westminster, BC

Contractor: Sandpiper Contracting

Engineer: Stantec

Brock White Sales Representative: Patrick Goosen

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AquaBlok is a patented composite aggregate sealant that resembles small stones and is made up of a limestone aggregate core wrapped with powdered sodium bentonite clay. It has reliably low permeability, structural stability and the ability to self-compact making it an excellent option for a wide range of projects due to its ability to block the movement of water.

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