Brentwood College School



Brock White was a partner in the construction of the 65,000 square foot “Eldon & Anne Foote Athletic Centre” at beautiful Brentwood College facilities located in Mill Bay, BC. The facility includes gymnasiums, a climbing wall, a fitness centre, squash courts, office space and a state of the art turf field. The Centre was completed on budget and on time thanks to the materials being delivered where arranged to keep both General Contractor and Mason Sub-Contractor on schedule.


BW Products Used: 

Blueskin Primer/ Adhesive,  Blueskin SA, Blueskin TWF, Mutual Materials Chestnut Brick, Brick Vent, Rockwool CavityRock, Tristar Concrete Block, Core Fill, Fero Fast System, Fero Fast Brackets , Spec Mix Premix Mortar

Project Completed: December 2018

Location: Mill Bay, BC

Contractor: Knappett Projects

Mason: Rob Tournour Masonry

Brock White Project Manager: Shawn Cosman






Henry/Bakor Blueskin® TWF (Thru Wall Flashing) is a self-adhered membrane consisting of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound which is integrally laminated to a yellow cross-laminated polyethylene film. Blueskin® TWF is specifically designed for use as a thru-wall flashing and dampproof course.

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Mutual Materials Chestnut Brick

The most visually stimulating part of construction often comes in the finishing touches. At Brock White we have a host of exciting masonry products to do just that. For this project Mutual Material's brick in Chestnut was chosen. The outside of the facility is a robust compilation of open glass windows, aluminum paneling and traditional brick construction.

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For decades, Brock White Canada has been supplying concrete construction products and accessories to the commercial building sector. For this project, we supplied Tristar concrete blocks for the project construction.


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