Bridge Studios Vancouver


Bridge Film Studios have several large sound stage facilities in Vancouver. The construction of their new facility at 3880 Henning Way in Burnaby is their largest with the highest clear ceiling height. Panel heights on the other sound stages were around 54 feet.  Brock White supplied 42 foot long braces on these projects. This new building features 62 foot high panels, and therefore presented a significant challenge in both materials and weight.

Project Details

One of the challenges on the job site was the handling of the braces. The super 52 ft braces each weigh 650 lbs while the 32ft brace with extensions weigh 525 lbs!

BW Products Used: Meadow Burke Super 52 foot braces and Super 32 foot braces with extensions. Nox-Crete Silcoseal Select Bond Breaker

Project Completed: Tilt erected March 2018

Location: Burnaby, BC

Project Contractor: Norson Construction Ltd.

EngineerWeiler Smith Bowers Constructing Structural Engineers

Sub-Contractor: Bach Construction

BW Sales Representative: Tony Adlkirchner

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The original project design called for Super 32 braces with two10 foot extensions on each brace to make them 52 feet long. The majority of the panels were 7'-7" wide with four braces. Working with Bach Construction and the engineer we proposed using Meadow Burke's one-piece 52 foot brace which has a higher load capacity.

By making this change, we were able to reduce amount of bracing from four braces to three, and in some cases down to two braces per panel. With a combination of our inventory we only had to ship up 130 super 52 braces. 


With the adjustment from Super 32 braces plus extensions to Super 52 braces, we reduced the quantity of truckloads to and from the site from three to two. This saved the contractor money, reducing overall freight costs. In addition, with less braces to handle, the project achieved savings on manpower, less crane time and less bracing inserts.