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Geosynthetics, erosion control + HECP projects

Goldspring Heights Development

A Maccaferri TerraWall for a near vertical MSE structure to support a new road

West Bay Terrace

A building site in Esquimalt, BC with soft ground needed a solution to reduce stresses on underlying soils.



Rocky Mountain Motor Sports Project

Race track berms and slopes with vegetation installed to provide soundproofing and improve aesthetics.

Gilbert Crossing

Maccaferri's Terrawall® system paired with Flexamat solved a roadway crossing challenge in Richmond, BC.



Sunny Valley Road

Flexamat and Recyclex were used to solve an erosion control challenge in Northern Alberta.

FODS Toll Way

FODS Tracking Control System was placed, utilized and removed without leaving a trace of mud or sediment behind at this Toll Way project.



Sayward Hills

Green Terramesh® created a vegetated wall face that suited the beautiful surroundings of a luxury condo in Victoria, BC.

Luxor Creek Bridge Profile Products

Profile Products: ProGanics, BioPrime, Flexterra provide erosion control and vegetation in Radium, BC.



Braid Street Aquablok Install

Aquablok provided an efficient and safe solution to build trench dams.

Silt & Sediment Run-off Control Project

Flexamat provides a solution to prevent run-off into the North Saskatchewan River.



Green Armour provides erosion solution

Profile Products Green Armour system solves issue of falling rocks and soil into Vernon, BC residential development.

Malakwa Bridge Slope Treatment

Profile Products provide a solution to help establish vegetation and protection for roadside slopes in the BC interior.



Millarville Embankment Protection Project

Futerra® TRM was utilized to mitigate against further damage to the homes along the Sheep River in Southern Alberta.

Lake Manitoba Geotube Install

Flint erosion control products were used in the Lake Manitoba region shoreline preservation and flood control.






A 58,000sm parking lot was needed approximately six weeks prior to the McArthur Glen outlet mall opening near Vancouver International Airport.


Policeman's Flats Rehabilitation

The objective was to recreate an atmosphere by using as many recycled materials, and to construct with minimal impact to the wetland.




masonry projects

The Holland

The Holland rises 25 storeys above Holland Park. Its contemporary form strikes a dynamic chord on the Surrey skyline. 

1345 Davie Street

The White Arriscraft Renaissance Masonry units give this condo development in Vancouver's west end a striking facade. 




5-level split townhouse in Calgary with a stunning brick accent wall in their bedroom, dining room, loft, and kitchen. 


Victoria on 5th

A stunning combination of Arriscraft Architectural Linear series brick paried with TerraCraft Natural Stone Veneer!


Buechel Stone Stunner

Fond du Lac Country Squire from Buechel Stone brings this Brandon, Manitoba home to life!


We supplied Mutual Materials Granite Brick to the winner of the Award of Excellence in the 2019 Masonry Design Awards in the Single Family Residence category!



Brock White supplied Fond Du Lac Rustic Ledgestone from Buechel Stone to the stunning Bos Residence.


Brock White supplied Arriscraft ARRIS-clip units with the pre-engineered Gridworx™ channel system to the New Apostolic Church.



Brock White supplied Arriscraft Renaissance Limestone to the Shannon Estates development in Vancouver, BC.


Brock White provided the gorgeous Gillis Quarries Tyndall Stone in Split Faced and Rubbed Texture in Grey to this home in Lethbridge, AB.



Century Mile

Seves Glass Brick was selected as the centerpiece for the bar at the Century Mile Ractrack & Casino in Edmonton, AB.

Brentwood College

Brock White supplied materials to this 65,000 sq. ft. project including concrete forming accessories and brick exterior façade.



The Independent

A marvel of brick design, The Independent features five distinct buildings with five different types of brick installed in eight patterns.

Aldergrove Border Crossing

Over 10,000 square feet of Tyndall Stone from Gillis Quarries is featured in the construction of the newly renovated Aldergrove, BC port of entry.



Wall Centre Central Park

Desert White Smooth Brick from Mutual Materials makes a bold statement on Boundary Road with a dramatic curved design.


ProStone by Boral was chosen for this 270 acre community of single and multi-family homes in British Columbia.



central @ garden city

A total of 395,000 brick was used on this two-block wide commercial project in Richmond, BC.


Finishes & Insulation Projects

Victoria Street

A Prince George building needing a retrofit found a handsome solution with AL13 metal cladding.


Vancouver's skyline is now transformed with the bright white panels of Porcelanosa Facades ventilated exterior cladding system. 





A bold combination of Ceraclad Zen and CREATIV custom Ceraclad panels punctuate the landscape on the Penticton, BC waterfront. 


A new 14 storey tower and low rise residential project featuring Ceraclad and AL13 cladding is added to the UBC landscape in Vancouver, BC


Dexter House

Ceraclad Cast Stripe highlights a modern residential construction project in Winnipeg.


Spire Landing Passive House

The largest multi-unit Passive House in Canada. It's goal is to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.



Wildewood Luxury Condominums

A condo and townhouse development in Winnipeg feature Quik-Therm Insulation.

2560 Quadra Street

A combination of AL13 and Ceraclad panels make an impact on a Victoria residential complex.


Chan Gunn Pavilion UBC

ISO-Clip provides a solution for securing siding while providing a thermal break. 

King Edward Villa

Cayenne & Silver Metallic AL13 panels paired with black brick add high impact to a Vancouver condominium facade. 



222 Lee Avenue

Luxury condos with a luxurious finish using Ceraclad panels.




Galaxy Black AL13 Panels punctuate the facade and interior of North Vancouver's Steve Nash Sports Club to create a contemporary, high impact look.


Nanaimo Passive House Project

A residential development that highlights the goals & values of a community while incorporating principles of passive house planning & design.



A curtain wall system was used to increase energy efficiency and update the look of this structure in Prince George, BC.





This facility will land and house 7 helicopters and is being built on a suspended concrete slab on 1200 pilings socketed into bedrock.


Road Construction Projects

19th Street Corridor - Red Deer, AB

Significant improvements along 19th Street corridor in Red Deer, AB with Naue Combigrid 30/30.

Township Road 360

Naue Combigrid 30/30 provides a road stabilization solution in Innisfail, Alberta



Anthony Henday Drive

Upgrading and expanding the existing highway around Edmonton, AB.

Saskatchewan Hatelit Project

Huesker Hatelit provides long term solution for a highway in Frenchman Butte


Concrete + Concrete Repair Projects

Vancouver House

Brock White supplied numerous materials to this stunning 497 ft. tall, 600,000 sq. ft building in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Delta Warehouse

A 250,000 square foot warehouse is tilted up iwith products from Dayton Superior in Delta, British Columbia.



Stewart World Port

85 bags of Target Flowcrete Grout lock 270 precast deck panels together.

Bridge Studios Vancouver

A six floor tilt up was raised for a new sound stage at Vancouver's Bridge Film Studios.


Roofing projects

Firestone Re-Roof Project

A new Firestone TPO roof system is added on a Burnaby, BC warehouse.


Acrylabs Fluid Applied Roofing was used to repair a metal roof in Saskatoon.