Henry/Bakor 810-18 Aluminum Alphalt Roof Coating 18.93L

  • Branch: Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg
  • Brand: Henry/Bakor
Bakor 810-18 is a decorative and reflective roof coating in metallic aluminium colour. The combination of selected coating asphalt, fibres and aluminium flake imparts flexibility, excellent weathering characteristics and high solar reflectivity. Brush or spray consistency. Use Bakor 810-18 as a protective coating on stable, smooth surface asphalt composition roofing, and smooth or granule surface SBS modified bitumen membrane roofing, where reflective or decorative qualities are desired. May also be used for coating many types of metal roofing, metal siding and may be also used as a weather coating over sprayed in place polyurethane insulation on tanks.