Henry/Bakor Rf200 Ice Water Underlayment 3'x65'

2_0701792 MFG #: HERF200916
  • Branch: Burnaby, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Prince George, Regina, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, Victoria, Winnipeg
  • Brand: Henry/Bakor
Henry / Bakor Blueskin Roof RF 200 is an SBS modified bitumen membrane reinforced with a superior skid resistant blue polyethylene surface film. The membrane is specifically designed to be self-adhered on sloped roof surfaces. It is used as a secondary waterproofing layer on slope roofs, in both residential and commercial buildings, protecting the building’s interior from damages caused by water infiltration as a result of ice dams or wind driven rain. It is designed to be adhered directly to wood, gypsum decks or certain insulation panels prior to the application of finished roof coverings including architectural metal, shingles, cedar shakes or tile.