Integrity Plugz Foam/Std, 13"x3" Large

  • Branch: Calgary, Edmonton, Prince George
  • Brand: Integrity
Integrity Plugz™ are patented access/inspection ports that are designed to provide large, resealable, and safe repeated access for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and other integrity monitoring on insulated pipes, vessels, tanks and equipment. With its patented design features, Integrity Plugz™ allows you to easily monitor systems, adding strength to your Asset Integrity program. Integrity Plugz™ come in three different models - the Low Temp (Black) inspection ports are made from durable EVA foam (providing R-value) and EPDM Rubber compounds and are great solution for cold piping and cryogenics. They can also be used on operating temperatures up to 194F. For higher temperature applications, we offer both the Integrity Plugz Medium Temp (Black EPDM) and the Integrity Plugz High Temp (Orange Silicone) inspection access ports. This model comes with a innovative patented design feature by incorporating a flexible metal skeleton embedded in the silicone edge trim. This allows the Integrity Plug to conform to whatever condition the pipe is in and ensures a water tight fitment (avoid CUI - Corrosion Under Insulation). No matter your NDT inspection port requirements, Integrity Products have the largest selection of sizes in the access flange market. Integrity Plugz will also work with any type of industrial insulation.