Perma-Chink Prelude WB Wood Primer, Clear, 3.78 L

  • Branch: Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Prince George
  • Brand: Perma-Chink
One coat of Perma-Chink Prelude Clear Wood Primer fills the pores of the wood and provides a surface that enables you to obtain a more uniform finish color over the entire home. Prelude is ideal for both interior and exterior wood surfaces. Prelude Clear Wood Primer also contains UV Boost for added UV protection. Prelude is a primer and should never be used as a final finish. For use exclusively with Lifeline wood finishes. Learn more about Perma-Chink.
  • Contains UV Boost
  • Enhances Wood Grain
  • Helps eliminate blotches and streaks
  • Ideal for porous wood surfaces
E-Wood is a two component epoxy putty that can be used to fill holes or voids in wood. E-Wood should not be used to fill checks or gaps between logs since once it cures it has no flexibility and any movement will cause it to pull away from the wood. E-Wood is somewhat challenging to mix together since both components are thick and putty-like. Equal amounts of both A and B components must be kneaded together by hand until the color is uniform throughout the mass. Up to two (2) ounces of LIFELINE™ stains can be added to 24 ounces (12 ounces of component A and 12 ounces of component B) of blended E-Wood to aid in the hiding of the repair. Once it is thoroughly mixed, it can then be pressed into the void and shaped to match the contour of the surface. Application temperature is from 40° F to 90° F and may be applied by hand, putty knife or trowel. If desired a texture or pattern may be worked into the surface of the uncured E-Wood to help it blend in with the surrounding wood. Stain can be applied to the surface of the E-Wood either before or after it has cured. E-Wood will begin to harden in about an hour or two. Being an epoxy, no shrinkage will occur once the E-Wood is in place.