Century Mile Racetrack & Casino



The design team for the Century Mile Racetrack & Casino in Edmonton was looking for a free-standing centrally located design piece to feature in the middle of the main bar.  Brock White supplied clear glass brick from Seves Glass Block which was backlit to create a stunning centrepiece.


BW Products Used: Neutro (clear) Glass Brick from Seves Glass Block

Project Completed: February 2019

Location: Edmonton, AB

Project Contractor: Chandos Construction

Architect: B2 Architecture

Mason: Scorpio Masonry

Brock White Sales Representative: Jayson Sorotsky

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This centrally located piece is the focal point of the entire casino area. The Seves Glass Block allowed for an unobstructed view to all four sides of the room and was able to be built into the centre of the bar without requiring additional structural wall construction.

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