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CERACLAD are exterior wall cladding panels that are a ceramic-coated siding assembly that incorporates proven rainscreen technology. Suitable for residential and commercial buildings, the CERACLAD Rain Screen Exterior Siding System consists of pre-finished siding panels and innovative mounting clips and accessories, all of which have been designed for ease of installation.

Manufactured and proven in Japan for more than 30 years, the CERACLAD cladding system incorporates a ventilation layer in the exterior wall structure, allowing moisture to escape from within walls, which helps avoid mold, health problems, and dry-rot in walls.  The end result is a high-performance vented wall assembly that provides structures with long-term protection against water infiltration, and low-maintenance wall surfaces with a long-lasting, beautiful appearance. The insulated cladding system we have now available is perfect to protect the project you’re currently working on.

CERACLAD offers a broad palette of colours, incredibly insulated cladding, rich textures, and a unique appearance, all backed with a 50 Year Limited Warranty and a 20 Year Limited Colour Warranty for pre-finished ceramic coated panels.

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CERACLAD exterior wall cladding panels are a long-lasting, energy and resource-efficient building product.  Consisting of 44.5% recycled material, the panels are factory finished with no VOC, and contain no asbestos. By using CERACLAD siding panels with 44.5% recycled material, you can apply LEED points for recycled content toward your green building design.  

A super weather resistant ceramic coating minimizes degradation of the exterior wall structure and controls colour fading caused by exposure to UV rays so CERACLAD siding panels retain their "new" appearance longer, and the exterior wall structure lasts longer too.

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Featured at right: Cast Stripe Panels in Charcoal

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The CERACLAD cladding system is available in a number of profiles & textures, including:

  • Contemporary Smooth
  • Textured Stucco
  • Zen Garden
  • 8 Reveal
  • Cast Stripe
  • Rustic Wood

All textures of CERACLAD exterior wall cladding panels are designed to allow both horizontal and vertical application. Having the option to install the panels in either direction provides greater design flexibility for architects, and installers will find the innovative panel clip system makes the installation of CERACLAD panels easy and straightforward no matter what application is chosen.

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NEW! Elements Collection

Check out the new elements collection we currently have for our insulated cladding system!

Blacken Steel

Ashlar Slate

Dark Marble




The Ceraclad technical team and Brock White Calgary have set up a test station made in Japan specifically to test Ceraclad panels' new formulations in the extreme temperature freeze/thaw cycling of Calgary. This data will help inform the Japanese technical team in new product development for extreme regions and ensure the exterior wall cladding panels' performance is superior.

This past year Brock White has been dedicated to hosting Ceraclad technical training sessions across Canada in Winnipeg, Calgary, Surrey, Kelowna, and Edmonton to ensure that our employees are educated and knowledgable on the product and installation process.


Project Samples

The Dexter House



The Dexter House in Winnipeg is the first Ceraclad project in Manitoba. It utilized Cast Stripe in Charcoal to compliment the Tyndall Stone chosen for its aesthetics and non-combustibility. See full project details here: VIEW PROJECT



UBC Westbrook

UBC Wesbrook is going to be the tallest building that Ceraclad is on in North America at 14 stories. 8 Reveal in Charcoal was chosen as an accent along with AL13 panels to clad Lot 11’s tower and surrounding townhouse complex’s. Install of Ceraclad will take place starting at the end of November.



88 Lakeshore

88 Lakeshore in Penticton is the first commercial CREATIV custom colour project in Canada. The contractor chose SW red on contemporary smooth mixed with Zen Garden in Medium Grey and Charcoal. We are eager to see the results!




For more information on any of the above products, please contact us here to request samples, obtain more information or a quote and one of our architectural representatives will be in touch shortly!