Cold Weather Products


When the weather turns, contractors require products that can perform better in colder weather so their teams can to continue to perform the job in harsher conditions including wind, rain, sleet and snow. Brock White offers a number of great products perfectly suited to help our customers get the job done.


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Concrete Curing Blankets

Concrete curing blankets protect concrete from the harmful elements and allow it to cure properly. They are a must for any cold weather construction project. A wide variety of sizes are available to suit your project needs.


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Insulated Tarps

Brock White understands the challenges of performing construction work in the harsh winter conditions of the Canada Prairies and the wet weather experienced on the coast. Hoarding tarps offer contractors the opportunity to completely wrap a structure. Insulated tarps are lightweight and flexible blankets that lay flat in sub-zero temperatures. Manufactured with foam insulation, insulated tarps are moisture resistant and many types available allow light to penetrate through for workplace safety.

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Get heat instantly and put it where you want it with hand held torches from Nu-Way/Sievert. Brock White supplies a variety of torch solutions to heat a work space or to provide blasts of heat or flame in challenging environments such as roofing applications.


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Bakor Vapor-Bloc® Non-Flammable Roofing Adhesive is a non-flammable, solvent-type asphalt roofing adhesive. Used for bonding asphalt/kraft paper sheet vapour barrier to steel roof decks. Can also be used for bonding fibrous glass roof insulation to the vapour barrier or directly to a steel deck.

•Non-flammable during application
•Available in regular and winter grades for easy year-round application
•Rapid setting

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Gear Up For The Weather

Getting your project done will be a challenge if your team is not properly geared up for the colder winter weather. Brock White has a variety of products to help your team stay warmer and dryer. Warm hands are a must! View our large selection of gloves, and consider a thermal lined or leather option to insulate your hands. We also have high visibility hooded sweatshirts and jackets available to keep you warm and visible while on the job. Product selection varies by location and corresponding weather conditions.


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