Customer Notifications



Brock White will post important customer notifications below to keep you informed of news and events that may affect your business. Please view the current customer notifications below.





Postal Strike


In the event of a Canadian Postal strike, please contact us to arrange electronic delivery of your invoices and to arrange alternate payment methods. 
Delivery options are by e-mail or by fax.
Payments options include payment by EFT or by dropping payments at the nearest branch.
Contact the Credit Department at 1-877-846-7507 or 604-576-8711.



Check Scam 2016


Please be aware of a recent scam that is using Brock White Company’s name and address.

A check that looks to be from Brock White is mailed out with an instruction letter describing the check as sweepstakes prize money that can be cashed if the person calls the number in the letter and pays a fee. 

This letter and check is a scam and is not associated with Brock White Company. If you have received this, do not present the check to be cashed. If you have lost funds from this scam, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.