Custom Insulation Fabrication


When you can’t find an out-of-the-box product to meet your needs, Brock White can manufacture a solution in one of our three custom fabrication facilities.

Brock White is your source for commercial and industrial insulation and accessories from today’s leading insulation manufacturers. But if your project calls for a specialized solution, you can count on Brock White to fabricate it to your specifications.

Edmonton Fabrication Plant


Our fabrication facility in Edmonton features a computerized profile saw and high output equipment which enable our team to fabricate pipe insulation from Trymer®. Brock White also produces quality crafted elbows and tees from Foamglas® and Trymer® insulations.

In need of laminated insulation products? Brock White produces a full line of laminated insulation products including Metal Building Insulation and other products.

Manufactured products include:

  • Trymer® Pipe Insulation products
  • Foamglas® Pipe Insulation Products
  • Curved Foamglas® Segments
  • Insulation board laminating
  • Roll laminating for Metal Building insulations
  • PVC Jacketing
  • Elbows and fittings in any size
  • Laminated products with FSK or vinyl facings
  • Fab Straps
  • Gore Elbows
  • Tees

Contact a sales representative in our Edmonton office at 780-447-1774 for more detailed product information or to obtain a quote.



Winnipeg Fabrication Plant


Winnipeg OEM Fabrication

Our custom fabrication service provides an effective solution and alternative to companies struggling with the high costs of labour and staff turnover. Let Brock White handle the fabrication in our ISO certified facility so you can focus on your areas of expertise. Contact our Winnipeg branch to discuss how we can help.

We specialize in cutting, gluing and kitting of insulation and other low to medium density material.

  • In a tight labour market, free up your staff for more important work
  • Achieve cost savings as a result of low loaded labour and low overhead
  • Lower inventory costs
  • High quality and efficiency levels
  • Bar coding capabilities
For more information about our OEM facility, please contact our Winnipeg branch directly at 204-694-3600.



Trymer® Elbow

Foamglas® Pipe Cover

Mineral Wool Elbows