Expansion Joints


Structural and architectural expansion joint & preformed sealant products

EMSEAL is the leader in preformed sealant, expansion joint and fire barrier solutions for demanding architectural and building applications.  Innovation has driven breakthrough new materials that ensure continuity-of-seal against water, fire, heat, cold, air movement, and sound in single product, single installation solutions. Contact your Brock White sales representative to learn more about these products.


Seismic Joint Systems



sjs seismic joint system

SJS is a watertight, high movement, sound-dampened coverplate system for large and seismic expansion joint gaps.  SJS is constructed from two horizontal joints pre-assembled in parallel adjacent to a heavy-duty extruded aluminum spline.  The system contains no metal embeds, self-centring bars, or other unneccessary metal components.  The spline acts as a receptor for attaching the surface-mounted traffic plates that bear vehicle and other loads.  

SJS-FR Fire rated seismic joint system

EMSEAL's SJS-FR systems are UL/ULC certified (2079) fire-rated, watertight, high-movement, sound-dampened systems for large and seismic expansion joint gaps. They are designed for use in fire-rated concrete decks/floors, interior or open air slabs, treads and risers, in both new or retrofit construction.  Their topping coverplate makes them the best solution for applications such as parking decks, stadium concourses and seating levels, interior and exterior floors and other locations where larger or seismic gaps need a fire-rated, watertight, traffic-bearing expansion joint.

Colorseal Products

Seismic Colorseal | Colorseal DS

Seismic Colorseal is an ideal solution for textured or rough substrates.  The product's pliant nature combined with its inherent backpressure allows it to conform to the textured wall surface.


Colorseal-On-A-Reel offers a quicker and simpler installation making it highlly suited for tilt-up walls, precast concrete, masonry, sidewalks, driveways and other small gap applications.

Horizontal Colorseal

Horizontal Colorseal is selected to blend with the colour of the surrounding substrate.  It is an ideal solution in non-traffic situations and has the unique ability to handle curved joints large and small.

DSM System

DSM System

The DSM System is a traffic durable, joint-face adhered, precompressed primary seal.  Using a patented microsphere-modified-acrylic impregnation and factory pre-coated with highway grade silicone, this system builds on EMSEAL's track record of over 30 years of sealing horizontal plane joints with impregnated foam sealants.  DSM is uniquely suited to retrofitting existing joints and readily replaces failed caulk, compression seals, inflated seal and closed-cell joint fillers.

Typical DSM Usage includes:

  • For deck to deck light and heavy traffic.  This watertight products is easily installed and provides a low service cost during its life span.
  • Where metal angles exist and cannot be removed, DSM can be installed into the existing metal angles.
  • For deck to wall applications.  The non-invasive anchoring method makes DSM a great choice.



Emsheild® WFR2

Emshield® WFR2 is a watertight, energy efficient 2-hour fire rated wall expansion joint.  Fire retardant impregnated foam is factory pre-coated on both sides with a waterproof silicone coating which is availiable in over 20 colours. One install does it all!



Emshield® DFR2

Emshield® DFR2 are single unit fire-rated, traffic durable, high movement and watertight expansion joints.  They can be installed in interior and exterior horizontal locations needing a UL/ULC certified fire-rating.  Its non-invasive anchoring design allows it to be easily installed in deck-to-deck or deck-to-wall locations.



For more information on any of the above products, please contact us here to request samples, obtain more information or a quote and one of our architectural representatives will be in touch shortly!