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Powered by SynTech, the world's only synthetic acid, EMS products offer the full strength of sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and other mineral acids with no harmful effects to personnel, equipment or the environment.

All our formulations carry triple-zero Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) scores, are non-corrosive to metals, non-irritating to skin, non-mutagenic, and 100% biodegradable within 10 days. Our ingredients also carry EPA, FDA, OSHA and USDA approvals and are not regulated by the D.O.T. or Canadian TDG.



Barracuda 10k is not only the most potent concrete stripper in the world, it is also the safest. B10k, the world’s only synthetic acid, dissolves nearly 15% more concrete than hydrochloric acid. Still, that potency comes with a triple zero HMIS score. Which makes our concrete stripper safe on skin, safe for your equipment and safe to store anywhere you wish. (Removes Concrete, Stronger than Muriatic, Dilutes up to 6 to 1, Non-Corrosive, Removes Mineral Stains, Safe on Skin, Safe anywhere on the vehicle).

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Fusion bonds with composite or steel drums to create a barrier that will not allow concrete to stick to the internal walls and fins of the drum. The immediate results include less water needed for washouts, maximum discharge, no added weight due to hardened concrete on the interior surfaces, and no damage to the fins due to concrete becoming detached during normal operations. Long term, it means no more chipping concrete from the drum, an expensive and dangerous process.

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Ready Mix Truck Wash & Wax

Until now, the only effective way to remove concrete from readymix trucks has been the use of harsh acids. While these acids eat away the concrete, they pose significant dangers to the truck, the environment and the person washing it. Ready Mix Truck Wash and Wax is a non-corrosive, non-skin irritant, and 100% biodegradable truck wash that removes concrete as effectively as traditional acids or organic salts. Powered by SynTech®, the world’s only synthetic acid, Ready Mix Truck Wash and Wax earns a triple-zero HMIS score. Its unmatched safety profile and performance earns the approval and recommendation of OEM industry giants - a claim no other wash can make. 

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EnviroSafe is not only the strongest masonry cleaner in the world, EnviroSafe will safely and quickly clean pavers, block, brick, concrete, river rock, architectural concrete and retainer walls while dissolving all signs of efflorescence. Plus, it is color safe on even the lightest colors.

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