Iron Mountain Re-Roof Project


Iron Mountain Canada required a roof replacement on it's 120,000 sq. ft. facility in Burnaby, BC.  This amounts to 15 truckloads of material to cover 2 football fields of surface area! Flynn Canada Ltd. was called in to complete the project under specific time constraints, with no interruption of business and of course no leakage - particularly due to the sensitivity of the information stored inside the building. 

All the existing ballast (small river rock) was vacuumed off of the roof and recycled.  Existing insulation was lifted, inspected and replaced.  New vapor barrier was installed before reinstalling existing insulation along with a reinforcement board on top of the steel roof deck. More insulation was added on top before a new TPO roof was installed.

Project details


The Firestone TPO system is very fast and efficient to apply. It allows roofers to complete large areas each day.  Without adhesives there is minimal VOC's and thus extremely environmentally friendly.  This roof incorporates the newest ideas and the most up-to-date features in the roofing industry!

BW Products Used: Firestone 60 Mil Ultraply TPO in Grey, Firestone Resista, Densdeck Prime,  6 Mil Poly, Invisiweld Plates, Insulation Plates, Universal Pipe Flash, Unsupported Flashing, TPO Walkway, Cut Edge Sealant and Fasteners

Project Completed: May 1 - 25, 2018

Location: Burnaby, BC

Roofing Contractor: Flynn Canada Ltd.

Installer: Flynn Canada Ltd.

BW Sales Representative: Tim Jensen

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Applying adhesive to perimeter strip

Heat welding curb details

Induction welding invisiweld plates



The roofing system chosen was a complete Firestone Roofing system that allowed the roofing contractor to provide a Firestone warranty on the project to the owner.  This system was also selected so they could use the Firestone Invisiweld system to attach the membrane to the roof without adhesives.  

Invisiweld plates were mechanically attached with long screws to the metal roof substrate before the membrane was laid out.  Induction welders were used to attach the membrane to the plates and the seams were welded with a robotic hot air welding machine.  



Materials Used on this project