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Flexamat solves silt & sediment runoff challenges in Saskatchewan

North Battleford is a city in west-central Saskatchewan located directly across the North Saskatchewan River from the town of Battleford. Together, the two communities are known as "The Battlefords". 

The problem? The city of North Battleford was looking for a green hard armour to help prevent silt and sediment from running into the North Saskatchewan River. 

The solution? Flexamat.

Project Details


Erosion was occuring during heavy rain events and spring run-off along Highway 16.  This section of the highway serves as the main collector for run-off before it discharges into the North Saskatchewan River.  Flexamat was chosen as an alternate to rock rip rap.

BW Products Used: Flexamat

Project Completed: Fall 2015

Location: North Battleford, SK

Contractor: Unicon Pipeline Ltd., North Battleford, SK

Customer: City of North Battleford

Brock White Sales Representative: Jason Farthing

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The images above demonstrate how Flexamat slowed the water down and trapped the silt and sediment.  There is also vegetation growing through the Flexamat which creates a "green hard armour".


Fall 2015 - Installation

Spring/Summer 2016

Summer 2017



About Flexamat

Flexamat is a great alternative to rip rap. Flexamat is a tied concrete block mat used to control erosion in swales, ditches, slopes, shoreline protection, or any area where soil & sediment can be moved by water runoff.

Key benefits of Flexamat include:

•  Easy & Efficient Installation
•  Multiple Uses: erosion prevention, roadside, drainage, landfills, etc.
•  Produced Onsite, reducing costs - typically cheaper than rock
•  Environmentally friendly

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