Brock White Canada's Environmental Construction offers top-notch customer service and expertise on geotechnical construction and supplies.

Geo-Environmental Construction

Brock White specializes in the installation of various erosion & sediment control measures, Geosynthetic (GCL) Clay Liners, geomembranes, geocell, geogrids and fabrics (including on site sewing), silt curtains, under slab vapor membranes, gabion structures and rip rap, slope reinforcement, drainage systems, flood mitigation, shoreline protection and pond liners. We can provide both firm price and unit rate costing, and our construction crews and equipment can be on site and ready to serve you immediately in locations throughout western Canada.


Our Environmental Construction division is located in Calgary, AB and the Geo-Environmental Construction team is an approved and highly graded contractor for many companies such as ISNetworld, PICS, ComplyWorks and CanQual.

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Brock White Geo-Environmental Construction is C.O.R certified, I.S.O. 9001 registered and is an approved contractor with ISNetworld, CanQual, Avetta (formerly PICS) and ComplyWorks. Our construction site services are WCB approved and fully insured to meet your safety needs. The Brock White Geotechnical team has been trained and certified in Equipment Operation, First Aid/CPR, H2S, Ground Disturbance, Fall Protection, WHMIS, TDG, CSTS, Oil Sands/Mine Safety, Worksite Investigations, OSSA and more in order to meet your safety requirements. Using our geotechnical services will reduce your overall project costs, save time and keep production at its highest.

Recent Projects

  • Mahogany Lake - 400,000 m2 of Bentofix GCL liner
  • Suncor pond 5 - install 1.2 mil m2 of geogrid and fabric
  • Glenmore reservoir - 5,000 ft. of turbidity curtains
  • Policeman’s flats - Gabions, Tri-lock and RECP matting
  • Stoney Trail - 120,000 m2 RECP matting, 2,500 Tri-lock and 500 m2 gabions
  • Cranston Pond - 35,000 m2 EPDM matting
  • Prince George - 10,000 m2 pvc Radon gas under slab membrane
  • Silt fence and sediment logs - 2012 totals of 30,000 lm
  • Albian Sands Intermittent Dyke - 140,000 m2 Bentofix GCL liner
  • Suncor - North Steepbank Fort McMurray - 100,000 m2 of GCL 



Hydromulching is the hydraulic application of water, seed, fiber, binders, fertilizer and other products to a surface in a slurry. Brock White has products and systems to provide soil stability and prevent erosion in the most extreme situations.

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