Frenchman Butte HaTelit Project


Huesker HaTelit provides long term solution for Saskatchewan Highway

Frenchman Butte is a National Historic site in West central Saskatchewan and marks the spot where an armed battle took place between Plains Cree warriors fighting the Canadian Militia troops in 1885. The regional municipality wanted an asphalt overlay on a fairly new highway that runs through the town of Paradise Hill.  ASL Paving joined forces with Brock White to provide a long term solution.

Project Details  

ASL Paving learned about Huesker HaTelit at a trade show Brock White was attending. When this project came up, ASL approached Brock White and together they presented the option of using Huesker HaTelit C40/17 to council at a monthly meeting.  The team explained the benefits of using a polypropylene product and how it bonded with the two layers of asphalt to extend the life of the road overlay. 

BW Products Used: Huesker HaTelit C40/17

Project Completed: Spring 2015

Location: Paradise Hill, SK

Contractor: ASL Paving, Lloydminster, SK

Customer: Regional Municipality of Frenchman Butte

Brock White Sales Representative: Jason Farthing

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 Hatelit being “tacked” to the existing asphalt

Hatelit bridging over the crack in the existing asphalt

asphalt being placed onto the Hatelit


About Huesker HaTelit

HaTelit is a flexible, high-strength, temperature-resistant grid for effective reinforcement of asphalt layers. The asphalt reinforcement products of our HaTelit family allow a significant extension of renovation intervals. Thus the useful life of the traffic areas is extended. Because of the associated reduction in maintenance costs, HaTelit offers a very economical solution for the repair of road surfaces. This high performance TRM was developed for extreme slopes and criticans and resistance to wheel loading from maintenance equipment.

Huesker Hatelit Brochure