By providing a seamless building envelope, Henry commercial air barrier systems can eliminate uncontrolled air leakage, reducing energy use and providing better control of temperature, moisture, air quality and humidity in commercial structures.



The primary function of a building has long been to protect its occupants and contents from outside elements. Increasingly this goal is expanding to include protecting the building and its systems from damage as well as minimizing the building’s energy use and environmental impact.  

As a result, architects and contractors now have to meet the challenges of changing building codes, increasingly strict environmental regulations and the growing expectations of building owners and managers.  

Henry Building Envelope Systems® are designed to help the building perform at a higher level over a longer period of time, not only reducing energy costs but protecting the building’s structure and systems by preventing penetration of the elements at cracks, crevices, terminations, penetrations and transitions. The result is an effective building envelope and a healthier, more energy efficient structure.

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The Importance of Air Barriers

Air barrier systems separate the outside environment from the desired interior environment, allowing control over temperature, humidity, moisture and air quality throughout the building and in all kinds of weather. Air barriers are not to be confused with vapour barriers or water resistive barriers, each of which has a different role to play. It is important to understand the functions of each in order to determine the best materials for the job.


Water resistive barriers are installed on the exterior side of the building assembly to block water that enters past the cladding.


Vapour barriers control water vapour from passing through the material. They are typically installed on the warm side within the building assembly.


Air barriers can also serve as vapour barriers. They can be placed anywhere within the building assembly to stop the movement of air. However, vapour barriers cannot be air barriers. Water resistive barriers are not necessarily air barriers.



Liquid Applied Water Resistive Barriers

Henry offers a wide varity of Liquid Applied solutions, including:

  • Air Bloc® 06
  • Air Bloc® 21
  • Air Bloc®16 MR
  • Air Bloc® 17 MR
  • Air Bloc® 31 MR
  • Air Bloc® 32 MR
  • Air Bloc® 33 MR



Sheet Applied Water Resistive Air Barriers

There are various sheet applied solutions available:

  • Blueskin® SA
  • Blueskin® SA LT
  • Blueskin® TG
  • Blueskin® VP 160
  • Foilskin
  • Vapor Bloc SA



Commercial Air Barrier Accessories

Brock White carries the following Henry Commercial Air Barrier Accessories. 

  • Aquatac Primer
  • Blueskin Adhesive
  • Air Bloc® LF
  • Blueskin® TWF
  • Blueskin Spray Prep
  • Henry 573 Blueskin LVC Spray Primer
  • Henry 574 Blueskin LVC Adhesive
  • 925 BES Sealant
  • Hi-Tac Primer
  • Henry 230-21 Rapid Insulation Adhesive & Vapor Barrier
  • Polybitume 570-05

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For more information on any of the above products, please contact us here to request samples, obtain more information or a quote and one of our architectural representatives will be in touch shortly!