Hydraulically Applied Erosion Control Solutions


Brock White Canada has partnered with Profile Products, the largest and most technically proficient manufacturer of Hydraulic Erosion Control Materials and Amendments.  Brock White's experienced geotechnical sales team from Victoria to Thunder Bay can assist you with site evaluations, soil tests and product selection, to help ensure stabilization and reclamation, in even the harshest Canadian environments.

Hydraulically Applied Erosion Control Solutions

Hydraulically Applied Erosion Control and Revegetative solutions are the most economical choice for establishing the growing results desired without the expense, time consumption, material costs or installation demands of matting or traditional hand seeding methods.

Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECP’s) are applied in a slurry containing seed, fertilizer and soil amendments.  Proper site assessment,  product selection and application rate by a qualified contractor, will help to ensure erosion control that can be greater than 99% effective for durations up to 24 months, allowing permanent vegetation to establish to provide long term erosion control.

Our experience, combined with Profile Products technical support allow us the capacity to develop solutions tailored your specific requirements.  Contact Brock White for your next reclamation or revegetation project.

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