Lake Manitoba


A series of Flint erosion control products were used in the Lake Manitoba region for a unique shoreline preservation and flood control project for a couple of rural municipalities in Manitoba.

project details

BW Product Used: Flint Titan tube 30’ diameter, Flint OS 150 anti-scour apron, Flint super sand bag scour apron c/w 7.5’ geotube, Flint 15’ Hydra apron c/w 3.5’ anchor tubes 

Project Completed: August 2014

Location: Lake Manitoba, MB, Canada

Province of Manitoba
Rural municipality of Woodlands
Rural municipality of Portage La Prairie

Installer: Lakefront Restorers


Flint Titan tube 30’ diameter c/w OS150 scour apron
The 30’ Titan Tubes were deployed offshore, as a wave attenuation measure to prevent overland flooding due to high wind and wave events. This also aided in the mitigation of shoreline erosion, destruction of property, and permanent dwellings.

These same tubes were also deployed as a beach ridge protection in other areas of Lake Manitoba, where they could not be installed as a wave attention barrier.  This aided in creating a temporary/ permanent beach ridge sand core, which will ultimately be turned into a sand dune. This will help over the long term to protect shoreline erosion as well as property and dwellings as a permanent flood control measure.

Flint 15’ hydra tube apron c/w 3.5’ anchor tubes
The Flint 15’ Hydra Tube Apron was used as a flood control alternative to super sand bags in shoreline protection applications. This provided more efficient , durable, and robust shoreline protection against future flooding, and high wind events created by high wind and water warnings around the Lake Manitoba area.
Flint super sand bag scour apron c/w 7.5’ geotube, and 3.5’ anchor tubes
The Super Sand bag scour apron was designed by Jon Graham from Lakefront Restorers, in conjunction with Flint Industries. They were designed as a scour protection option for Super sand bags that have already been installed.  This scour apron system offers stability, UV stabilization, and continuous uniform barrier which gave much needed anti scour protection for shoreline applications where super sand bags had previously been failing due to wave action.