For nearly 140 years, Maccaferri has provided innovative solutions to the construction, geotechnical and mining industries. Renowned as the world leader in gabion retaining structures, Maccaferri has diversified significantly over the past 20 years and now offers engineered solutions including reinforced soil structures, coastal protection, soil stabilisation, landfills, natural hazard mitigation and river control works.



Maccaferri Terrawall® is a reinforced soil system suitable for near vertical retaining wall applications along highways and railways, mining areas, temporary wall applications and in areas where the terrain necessitates the construction of soil retention systems.

Similar to Terramesh®, Maccaferri Terrawall system is a unit made of continuous double twist steel wire mesh that forms the reinforcing panel and the facing element. The assembly requires minimal work with the major components pre-assembled in the factory.

The double twist mesh reinforcement takes advantage of the friction acting along the surface of the wire and, more importantly, the mechanical interlocking properties of the mesh with the backfill.


Maccaferri'sTerramesh® System is a modular system used to form rock faced or vegetated face reinforced soil walls (also known as Mechanically Stabilised Earth) and embankments. It has been used globally on some of the most significant infrastructure projects, including what is believed to be the tallest reinforced soil structure in the world at 74m high.

On taller slopes and structures, Terramesh® can also be used in conjunction with their high performance primary geogrids, ParaLink®, ParaGrid® and Paradrain. Terramesh® consists of pre-assembled units of double twisted wire mesh (8×10 type). The facing section of the unit is formed by connecting a back panel and diaphragms to the main fascia unit, thus creating the rectangular shaped cells used for stone confinement. The geogrid reinforcement, fascia and lid are all one continuous panel of mesh. Terramesh® System units are supplied in standard lengths, requiring no cuts on site.

Following assembly on site, Terramesh units are filled with suitable gabion stone. Walls and slopes that are designed to be vegetated are constructed with a topsoil pocket at the outermost face of the structure.  Structural backfill is then placed upon the soil reinforcement geogrids and compacted.  Subsequent Terramesh layers are placed on top of previously constructed layers until final elevation is achieved.

Terramesh® units are fabricated from heavily galvanized GalMac® and polymer coated steel wire.

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Maccaferri gabions are cages which are engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Delivered flat-packed, our gabions are assembled and then filled with stones at the project site.

There are numerous uses for these modular units and are typically used to form flexible, permeable and monolithic structures such as retaining walls, channel linings, hydraulic control structures and erosion protection. They are increasingly being used in architectural applications as well.

Maccaferri gabion baskets are made from high-quality steel wire, which is heavily galvanised. An additional protective polymeric coating is also applied for gabions that are to be used in more aggressive environments, or where a longer design life is required. 


  • Pneumatic Spenax Clip Installation Tool
  • Stainless Steel Spenax Clip
  • Galvanized Steel Spenax Clip
  • Gabion Wire


Maccaferri Gabion Mats are large rectangularbaskets that, when filled with rock, are used to provide tough, long term erosion control solutions for high waterflow environments.

Gabion Mats are made from Maccaferri’s double twisted steel wire mesh, proven worldwide for over 125 years to offer strength, flexibility, integrity, and longevity. Gabion Mats offer flexible, permeable, naturally integrated erosion protection in many applications:

  • Streambank protection
  • Channel linings
  • Shorelines
  • Culverts and ditches
  • Bridge abutments
  • Grade control structures

Because of their large size, Gabion Mats can be installed much more rapidly than regular gabions; less assembly and erection is required for the same area of erosion protection. This makes Gabion Mats particularly attractive to construction professionals on large projects who want to increase construction efficiency and value.

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