McArthur Glen


Naue Combigrid 30/30 was the solution when a large, temporary parking lot was needed to be built quickly before an outlet mall opened in Richmond, BC.

project details

BW Product Used: Combigrid 30/30

Project Completed: July 2015

Location: Richmond, BC

Project Contractor: Jacob Bros.

Brock White Salesperson: Patrick Goosen


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The challenge for this project was the need to build a 58,0002m parking lot in approximately 6 weeks prior to the McArthur Glen outlet mall opening. The area contained very soft soils, so adding aggregate was not a great solution due to the time constraints and cost. 
By using the Combigrid 3030 we were able to reduce 100mm of aggregate from the original design which would help speed up the project's completion date and reduce their cost.