Nanaimo Passive House


Passive House will bring long term energy savings to a Nanaimo housing project

Standard construction practises are changing. Across Canada we are seeing more and more passive house projects being designed and built. The benefit to passive house construction? The structure would acheive 80-90% energy savings over conventional construction.  This particular project in Nanaimo will only cost about 7 percent over conventional construction and the highest heating month is not expected to exceed $20 per unit for the month thus making it very affordable.  Out-board insulation is viewed as the most efficient; and the way of the future.

Project Details

The Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre project consists of three blocks of ground oriented suites arranged around an open courtyard, which enables all suites to have cross-ventilation and solar access, while creating protected outdoor space shared by all residents.

BW Products Used: Quik-Therm Multi-Purpose Insulation (MPI), Henry® Blueskin® SA, Henry® Foilskin® Self Adhered Weather Barrier Membrane, Roxul® CavityRock®, Dow SM Extruded Polystyrene 4" underslab insulation

Architect: DYS Architecture

General Contractor: Saywell Contracting Ltd.

Building Type: Multi-Use Residential

Project Completed: Fall 2017

BW Sales Representatives: Shawn Cosman, Brad Fenn



Framing can be reduced from 2 x 6 walls to 2 x 4 

Rigid insulation is out-board and thus result in fewer penetrations (outlets, switches, etc)



Dow SM Extruded Polystyrene - 4"



Quik-Therm Insulation will meet the combustible code requirements if the building is under 6 stories.