NaturaSeal is a Canadian Manufacturer of Environmentally friendly cold applies coatings for Waterproofing, Air Barrier and Roofing applications. The products/systems went through vigorous testing in Canada and the US to meet all the Canadian and American National building codes. 


NaturalSeal - Waterproofing

Our foundation series of products are a highly versatile line of
eco-friendly, cold applied liquid membranes used for below grade
post-applied and pre-applied blind-side and bonded waterproofing
applications. The liquid membranes can be applied onto green
concrete with as little as a two-man crew.

Without an open flame or flammable materials, the SpraySeal NS-F300 products offer a quick, safe, and instant curing application for multiple thickness applications.

SpraySeal NS-F300 products can easily seal all substrates through transitions including service ducts and pipes, wire fasteners and have excellent sealing properties for assembly applications such as equipment anchoring systems, pipe penetrations and or electrical casing.



NaturaSeal's Blindside & Full Tanking Waterproofing system showcased at Ellie Condo's in Toronto, ON (Video)

Waterproofing Solutions

  • SpraySeal NS-F300-BG: Below-Grade Foundation Waterproofing
  • SpraySeal NS-F300: ICF Foundation Waterproofing
  • SpraySeal NS-F300: Storm Water Tank Waterproofing
  • SpraySeal NS-F300+GE: Podium Deck, Blindside & Full Tank Waterproofing