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Perma-Chink Systems (PCS) is not only the largest manufacturer of log home chinking and sealants, but they supply everything you need to seal, protect and beautify your log home.  Perma-Chink manufactures a complete line of quality wood care products, including Wood Finishes, Wood Preservatives, Wood Cleaners and Restoration Products, all of which are Made in the U.S.A.

Perma-Chink Systems is the log home building industry's trusted partner for the tightest, greenest, and most impeccably finished log homes in the world.

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Everything You Need to Seal, Protect and Beautify Your Log Home

PERMA-CHINK SYSTEMS, Inc. manufactures a complete line of specialized sealers, stains, finishes, preservatives and cleaners made for the unique needs of wood homes. From primary wood treatments applied immediately after logs are peeled to restoration products for older homes, they offer everything needed to seal, protect and beautify any log and timber home.

Revolutionary products. Time-tested quality. Professional guidance. These are the reasons PERMA-CHINK SYSTEMS, INC. has become the industry leader in log home preservation products.


Log Home Stains and Finishes

Lifeline™ finishes bring your log homes appearance to life. All Lifeline products are waterborne, breathable, flexible, durable wood finishes, which also highlight the natural beauty of your log and timber home. There are Lifeline products available for both your interior and exterior walls.

What are the benefits of applying an exterior finish?

  • To make your home look it’s best
  • To protect your home from UV damage
  • To protect your wood from water damage
  • To provide protection from unsightly mold and mildew

Log Home Sealants and Log Chinking


Since 1981, Perma-Chink Systems' log home sealants have proven themselves on thousands of chinked and chinkless style log homes to become the most widely applied log home sealants in the world and simply the best by every measure: Longevity, Appearance, Performance and Ease of Application.

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Lifeline Ultra-7 is the most durable exterior stain that Perma-Chink Systems has ever developed. After multiple exposure tests in harsh weather areas across the country (think snow country, the sunny southeast and extreme mountain locations), Lifeline Ultra-7 stands out as THE top-of-the-line, long-lasting finish.

The secret behind its durability is Lifeline Ultra-7’s state-of-the-art resin that creates a flexible and tough seal on your home’s logs. Perhaps more importantly than the seal’s strength, the resin also ensures that the seal is continuous, providing protection from holes and gaps that might otherwise develop with a lower-quality finish. In addition it has unsurpassed adhesion to wood.

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Lifeline Ultra-2 is a two coat application that helps to ensure consistent color development on your walls. From the day that you apply it to the many years of durability that you get from it, this wood stain will distinguish your home.

A protective clear coat of Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin adds depth and clarity to the wood grain. The smooth surface of the clear coat repels dirt and dust, and makes walls easier to clean when cleaning becomes necessary. Like all Lifeline finishes, it is breathable, waterborne and easy to work with.

  • Unparalleled UV protection
  • Lowest maintenance of any exterior finish
  • Breathable film allows unseasoned logs to dry out
  • Up to a 5-year warranty

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Lifeline Advance works just like the clear-coat on your car to protect the color coat underneath. It extends the life of the finish system while adding depth and highlights to the appearance. It makes your exterior walls easier to keep clean.

Lifeline Advance has the right permeability to keep the film breathable while repelling liquid water.

  • Mold and mildew protection
  • Non-yellowing
  • Low VOCs

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Lifeline Accents is Perma-Chink's newest two-coat color finish developed to make your home look fashionable. With Lifeline Accents, influenced by global trends, customers are now provuded with exciting new colors and style.

The new colors create a wonderful accent for your wood trim, interior and exterior walls, fascia, millwork, timber, furniture and other wood elements of your home.

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Enhance the beauty of all your interior wood and seal out household odors and contaminants. Lifeline Interior can be used as a color coat or sealing coat on walls when you want to apply an interior clear-coat for additional protection or luster. Interior finishes make log walls easy to clean.

Lifeline Interior breathes to allow trapped moisture to evaporate from logs. The addition of UV Boost to the first coat of Lifeline Interior significantly reduces the ‘picture frame effect’ in sun-exposed locations.

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Sure Shine is our most durable indoor clear finish. It is suitable for all your wood floors and any other interior surface where you want a lustrous or deep-shine finish.

If you want a deep, clear finish using fewer coats, Sure Shine premium finish is the one to use!Since it is water based and fast drying, multiple coats can be applied in a single day. Sure Shine can be used to re-coat older oil based floor finishes. Sure Shine cures to a smooth, hard surface that resists scuffing and abrasion. It prevents discolorations from water and most household cleaners and chemicals.

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Since 1981, Perma-Chink Log Home Sealant has proven itself on thousands of chinked and chinkless style homes to become the most widely applied chinking in the world. It's simply the best chinking by every measure: longevity, appearance, performance and ease of application.

Perma-Chink is a flexible, textured log home chinking that seals the open gaps between logs to eliminate heat loss and air infiltration. Even though it looks and feels like traditional mortar, it's not. Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic that adheres to logs and stretches to maintain a tight seal by following log movement.

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Since it was introduced, Energy Seal has become one of the most popular members of our sealants. Energy Seal, was created specifically to seal milled or scribed log homes, log siding homes and around joinery such as butt-joints, trim and corners. One application makes any log wall completely weather-tight.
Energy Seal has excellent adhesion and stretch. It is long-lasting, UV-stable and chemical-resistant.

Unlike commonly used sealants which look shiny and artificial, Energy Seal is textured to match the visual characteristics of wood. It easily tools to a smooth, professional finish, virtually disappearing into the walls after it's applied. It softens the lines on log walls and accepts the color of wood finishes. In fact, Energy Seal so closely matches your walls, most people can't tell the seams are sealed.

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Check Mate 2 is an outstanding water resistant sealant that prevents water and air infiltration through pronounced cracks (called checks) in logs, timbers and wood siding. Caulking is an obvious solution to this problem, but caulking does not work because of limits in adhesion and weatherability.

As a check filler, Check Mate 2 forms a tough elastic filler and coating. It has superb color stability and resists ultraviolet rays, ozone, mold, mildew and airborne contaminates. Even the most troublesome leaks can be sealed with Check Mate 2.

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Deck Defense is the best wood stain for your decks, rails and fences. It has been engineered for better performance, longer life, and easier application. Although it is a totally waterborne product, Deck Defense has penetrating properties like oil finishes, but unlike oil-based products, it hardens into a lattice-like coating, supporting and strengthening the natural wood fibers from the inside out.

Customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their investment is protected from the natural damaging effects of sun, wind, and water. Deck Defense is easy to apply and maintain, and is ideal for coating decks, fences, railings and other horizontal surfaces. Our new deck stain is available in seven colors to complement our exterior wall finishes. 

Deck Defense can be applied over older Deck Defense-stained decking provided proper application and surface preparation.

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For more information on any of the above products, please contact us here to request samples, obtain more information or a quote and one of oursales represen tatives will be in touch shortly!