Polyglass SBS Roofing

Brock White is now a distributor of the Polyglass S6G Modufied Bitumen Roofing system! Elastoflex S6 G membranes are high quality Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified asphalt roofing membranes specially designed with a sanded back for hot mop or cold process applications or with a polyethylene burn-off film for heat welded applications. Reinforced with a superior polyester membrane, the Elastoflex S6 G exhibits exceptional tensile strength and puncture resistance. The granulated surface provides superior long-term UV protection. Manufactured for the commercial, industrial and residential markets, the proprietary SBS asphalts and product composition will offer long-term dimensional stability, flexibility and resistance to moisture.

The Polyglass Suite of products



• High-quality SBS modified, granule surfaced for single or multi-ply systems

• New roofing, re-roofing and re-cover roofing and flashing details

• Hot asphalt, cold process or heat-welded installation methods

• Full self adhered system, base and cap.  No torch needed.


•  Exceptional long-term weathering performance

• Superior flexibility, puncture resistance and dimensional stability

• Ease of application over broad spectrum of substrates and conditions




PG Granules

Polyglass Granules are high quality mineral granules as used on mineral-surfaced membrane products. They are tough, dense, ceramic-coated particles that are weather and UV resistant. Polyglass Granules are composed of a granite-like mineral permanently coated with various pigments to match Polyglass membrane products.



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