Porcelanosa is at the forefront of production, research and development and technical innovation in the porcelain panel sector offering hi-tech products with excellent technical and aesthetic qualities, adapted to the needs of customers.

Its range of colours, finishes, textures and formats in porcelain panels is one of the most extensive on the market, and is suitable for cladding ventilated façades in any type of project and application.

Façade Systems

A ventilated façade system, commonly referred to as a rainscreen system, is a cladding system with an air cushion or cavity immediately behind which provides drainage, ventilation and a thermal solution.

It is usually an external cladding system mechanically fastened and/or bonded to a framework and fixed to the external wall of a new or existing building.

This external wall may be built either of masonry (brick or cmu), concrete, or studwork (metal or timber) and a layer of thermal insulation might be conveniently located either between studs or on the outer side of the substrate wall.

The cladding elements are fixed to the substrate wall by means of a lightweight substructure which can be made of different materials (metal is the preferred choice).

Porcelanosa Catalogue

Police station (Madrid - Spain)


Private Residence (Madrid - Spain)

The ventilation is produced by openings located at the top and bottom of the cladding and by the open joint pattern created by the elements of the cladding. This is called the "chimney effect".

This ventilation allows for an exchange of air between the outside wall and the cavity behind the cladding panels. This venting solution assists in wicking away moisture from the façade and improves the thermal conditions inside the building. With the insulation being installed on the exterior of the building we can now avoid thermal bridging.


Technical Specifications Catalogue


Private Residence (Valencia - Spain)

Northeastern Illinois University. El Centro Campus. (Chicago - USA)

La CUB offices (Burdeos - France)





Anti-Fragmentation Mesh

All of the panels are provided with an anti-fragmentation mesh on the reverse side and are available with both visible and invisible fixing.

When using the invisible fixing system, the panels have slots cut into them in specific points. The slot has a characteristic tensile strength of 71,8 lbf. They can be installed vertically or horizontally.


1. The three-dimension motion freedom of the system and the flexibility of the aluminum allows the system to avoid the structural movements of the building protecting the façade.

2. As the ventilated façade system creates an air gap, wiring and other elements can be concealed inside it. 

3. The ventilated air gap helps to solve existing problems affecting the building such as leaks, unventilated areas, noise, deterioration of the thermal insulation, etc.

4. The ventilated façade uses a mixed cladding system with adhesive and mechanical anchors to ensure that the panels are fixed firmly in place.

5. Being a projected façade, the system allows you to conceal any shape irregularity in the building.

6. The ventilated façade can be installed quickly on buildings that are in use.

8. Thanks to the wide range of formats and the possibility of cutting pieces to measure on site, it is easy to find a format that adapts to the shape of the building, reducing wastage to a minimum.

9. Porcelain panels remain unaltered over time by atmospheric agents, are graffiti-proof and do not require maintenance.

Backstage Condos (Toronto - ON)

Exterior Porcelain Cladding: Important Questions to Ask

Porcelain cladding is quickly becoming the material of choice as it pertains to both new build and retrofit projects. This finish provides users with the ability to achieve a crisp, clean look while enhancing the lifespan of their building.

What do you need to know when considering Porcelanosa’s Porcelain Cladding system?

Here are the questions you need to ask:

The Cladding

  • What are your panel sizes?
  • Are you looking for glazed or through-body porcelain? 
  • What color and finish does your design require?
  • Do you want  exposed or concealed fasteners?

The Substructure

  • What are your building’s design pressures? 
  • What are your build-up requirements? 
  • What is the pattern layout for your panels? 
  • Is this a new build or retrofit project?

Your Application & Use

  • What is your waste-to-yield factor?
  • Do you want field-cut panels or factory pre-cut panels? 
  • Does your design require window returns?
  • Does your design require soffit, coping, and balcony details?

Contact Your Local Architectural Representative

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