Use the Preserver to meet TSS removal requirements and reduce overall system maintenance costs. Preserve your stormwater quality and your budget. Easy to ship, install and maintain. Made in the USA with quality, recycled materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials is The Preserver™ made of?
The Preserver™ consists of two materials: 100% recycled HDPE and stainless steel. These materials are commonly used in stormwater applications for their high strength and resistance to corrosion

How do I install The Preserver™?
Installation of The Preserver™ is quick and easy. Installation consists of two basic steps: 1) Align and attach the mounting brackets to the manhole wall and 2) Attach the energy dissipator and skimmer components to the mounting brackets. We provide all the mounting hardware, drill bits and drivers required for installation. Detailed installation instructions are included with each Preserver™.

How do I retrofit The Preserver™ into existing sump manholes?
Simply remove the components from the box, lower into the manhole, then follow the included installation instructions.

How do I maintain The Preserver™?
The sump manholes into which The Preserver™ is installed should be cleaned of collected sediment one to two times per year using a vacuum truck. During this time, the overall condition of The Preserver’s components should be checked and any debris which may have collected on the energy dissipator or skimmer should be manually removed.

Do I have to worry about clogging?
No. Several studies have been performed to determine the typical composition of debris typically found in stormwater. The results are not surprising, with nearly all debris consisting of (listed in order from highest to lowest amounts): plastic bottles, papers, cigarette butts, cardboard, organics (wood and leaves), cans, fabrics, plastic bags, Styrofoam cups, and broken glass. The minimum hole size in The Preserver’s energy dissipator is specifically designed not to clog by passing debris typically found in stormwater.


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