Naue Geogrid Combigrid® 60/60, 4.75Mx100M

Combigrid® is a composite product with a geogrid and a non-woven needle punched Geotextile. The geogrid is laid and welded with the geotextile in between the bars of the Geogrid, which makes a very robust product for challenging applications. For more information visit our Naue page.
• Reinforcement, filtration, separation and drainage in just one product, reducing aggregate thickness • Firmly bonded composite product • Very high strength at low strains • immediate interlocking with cover aggregate • High resistance against installation damage • Nonwoven geotextile firmly bonded between uniformly extruded PP or PET bars • High resistance against biological and chemical degradation
Combigrid® is extremely quick and easy to install, thus reducing installation costs considerably. System solutions using Combigrid® can reduce the thickness of the base course of roads and often avoid the necessity to replace weak subsoils thus conserving resources and economising costs. For the reinforcement of the bearing layer, a calculation disk can be requested to determine the right Combigrid®/Secugrid® type.
Combigrid® can be installed during virtually all weather conditions without heavy equipment or special construction techniques. Panels are joined and continuity is assured with simple overlaps. Standard cutting tools can be used for on-site trimming, and for steep slopes various geometrical shapes can be formed where necessary.