Starpatch Patching Supa Fine 20Kg

2_0290228 MFG #: SFPM
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Supa - Fine is a normal setting smooth textured, high strength, single component, concrete repair and topping compound. Consisting of a uniform, premixed blend of portland cements and graded silica aggregates with polymer modification to promote lasting surface adhesion, it is used for renovation and new construction. Supa - Fine is for multi-purpose repairs and is especially formulated as an economical fine patching mortar. Supa - Fine can be applied from feathered edge to 5/8" thick. Supa - Fine can be used for horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. Suitable for interior and exterior use, a sealer or coating is recommended when used for a wearing surface. Supa - Fine contains no gypsum, chlorides, ferrous metals or corrosive agents.