W R Meadows Grout Winter Grade #805 25Kg

$21.62 / EACH
Using 805 Construction Grout - Winter Grade involves working within a time framework of 24 hours, during which some external heating measures are required, depending on the severity of the weather. After this period however, the flowable 805 Construction Grout - Winter Grade will have developed sufficient strength for structural purposes and is in no danger of freezing at later dates. Grouting in cold weather is even more hazardous than normal concrete placement operations. This is because the fresh grout is usually placed in relatively thin layers, two or three inches thick, and is in direct contact with cold steel and/or cold foundation concrete. Some warmth is necessary for Portland cement to set but any heat generated by the grout is immediately robbed by these cold confining surfaces. Extremely retarded set, slow strength gain and the possibility of frozen grout can be the result.