Sikatop® 121 1 Bag +1 Jug 20.5Kg

$53.03 / KIT
SikaTop® 121 PLUS is a two component, polymer-modified, leveling and pore sealing mortar with the additional benefit of FerroGard® 901, penetrating corrosion inhibitor. SikaTop® 121 PLUS provides a smooth substrate, free of irregularities and bug holes for following protective coatings.
• Increased freeze/thaw durability and resistance to deicing salts • Adds effective cover over rebars • Increased density - improved carbon dioxide resistance (carbonation) without adversely affecting water vapor transmission (not a vapor barrier) • High flexural and compressive strengths
• Application thickness: Minimum 1/12 inch (2 mm); Maximum 1/6 inch (4 mm) • Minimum ambient and surface temperatures, 45°F (7°C) and rising at time of application • As with all cement based materials, avoid contact with aluminum to prevent adverse chemical reaction and possible product failure. Insulate potential areas of contact by coating aluminum bars, rails, posts etc. with an appropriate epoxy such as Sikadur® Hi-Mod 32
SikaTop® 121 PLUS can be applied by trowel, notched trowel, stiff bristle, or low pressure hopper gun. Work the material well into the prepared substrate, filling all pores and voids. As soon as the mortar layer starts to set, a uniform surface texture can be obtained by rubbing the surface with a fine sponge or a plastic trowel. Do not overwork SikaTop® 121 PLUS during finishing and avoid the use of additional water.