SikaGrout® 212 SR, 25 kg Bag

$22.12 / BAG
SikaGrout® 212 SR is a non-shrink, sulphate resistant cementitious grout with a unique two-stage shrinkage compensating mechanism, compensating for shrinkage in both the plastic and the hardened states. It is non-metallic, contains no chlorides and may be placed at various consistencies ranging from dry pack to fluid by simply adjusting the quantity of mixing water.
• Pre-blended for easy application and maximum field control. Just add water, mix and place • Versatile, can be applied in any consistency from dry pack to fluid • Non-corrosive does not contain chlorides • Formulated with inert, non-reactive aggregates to eliminate potential AlkaliAggregate Reactivity (AAR) • Excellent pumpability - does not segregate even at high flow; no build-up on equipment hopper • Low heat development • Superior freeze/thaw resistance
• Important: protect stored material from exposure to rain, condensation and high humidity as moisture may penetrate packaging, causing lumps • For best results, condition product to 18 to 29°C (65 to 84°F) prior to mixing and installation. Lower temperatures may result in slower strength development and longer cure times • Maintain wet grout, ambient and substrate temperatures between 5 and 32°C (41 and 89°F) for a period of 72 hours after placing • SikaGrout® 212 SR must be protected from freezing during setting • Minimum application thickness (neat without additional aggregate): 25 mm (1 in) • Maximum application thickness (neat without additional aggregate): 150 mm (6 in) Thicker applications are possible with the addition of suitable aggregate • For anchor bolt/dowel grouting, hole diameter should be 25 mm (1 in) greater than bar diameter • Anchor bolt/bar holes should be pre-dampened for a period of 1 hour prior to grouting. Holes must be in saturated surface dry (SSD) condition at time of grouting. • Do not use as a patching or overlay mortar or in unconfined areas • Use only potable water • Extending with aggregates will reduce compressive and flexural strengths. Dimensions and grading of aggregates will influence effect on physical properties; pre-testing is recommended
The prepared grout may be pumped or transported to the forms in buckets or wheelbarrows and deposited without delay. External vibration and agitation of the grout in the forms is permitted. Grout having been prepared but not placed within 1 hour after preparation shall be discarded. Prepared grout shall be agitated until use. Several hours after placement of grout (depending on ambient temperatures) forms may be removed and exposed grout shoulders may be trimmed or shaped to desired finish.