Sikadur® 42 Multi-Flo Grout Pak 2Cf/Unit 2Pls+4Bags

$594.96 / KIT
Sikadur® 42 Grout-Pak Multi-Flo, is a three-component, solvent-free, moisture-insensitive, epoxy grouting system to seat base plates.
• Ready-to-mix, pre-proportioned kits • Moisture insensitive • Corrosion and impact resistant • Stress and chemical resistant • High compressive strength • High vibration resistance
• Do not thin with solvents. Solvents will prevent proper cure • Material is a vapour barrier after cure • Minimum grout thickness: 25 mm (1 in) • Maximum grout thickness: 150 mm (6 in) per lift • Component C must be kept dry • Do not subject cured epoxy grout to sudden temperature changes especially during early curing stages • For proper seating, allow grout to rise above the bottom [3 mm (1/8 in)] of the base plate • Do not batch. Mix complete units only • Cold ambient, substrate or material temperatures will inhibit the curing and flow characteristics of Sikadur® 42 Grout Pak
Pour the mixed grout into the prepared forms from one or two sides only, to eliminate air entrapment. Maintain the liquid head to ensure intimate contact to the base plate. Place sufficient epoxy grout in the forms to rise slightly above the underside [3 mm (1/8 in)] of the base plate. The minimum void depth beneath the base should be 25 mm (1 in). Where the void beneath the base plate is greater than 150 mm (6 in), place the epoxy grout in successive 150 mm (6 in) lifts or less, once the preceding lift has cooled.