Sikacem® 810, 18.9L Pail

$167.33 / PAIL
Sikacem® 810 is a patented, latex/silica fume admixture for cement mortars, concrete and bonding slurries to enhance adhesion, physical properties and performance.
• Improves adhesion • Increases density; lowers permeability • Increases compressive, tensile, and flexural properties • Reduces absorption of water and chlorides • Excellent scaling resistance • Improves workability and finishing • Superior freeze/thaw durability • Improves abrasion resistance • Economical to use
• Pre-mix Sikacem® 810 before using • Sikacem® 810 mixes should not be placed below 7°C (44°F) • Keep Sikacem® 810 dilutions agitated or remix prior to each use • Use only well-graded, smooth, round masonry sand •Avoid air entrapment during mixing; do not overmix • Use only potable water
Brush or broom the bonding slurry onto the prepared, saturated surface dry (SSD) substrate uniformly. Scrub into the substrate. Place mortar or micro-concrete before the bonding slurry dries. Trowel into place, forcing the mortar against the edge of the area, working toward the center. After filling area, consolidate, then screed. Allow mortar or micro-concrete to set to the required stiffness and apply finish, as required.