Sikafloor® T Extender, 1 kg Pail

$137.66 / PAIL
Sikafloor® Extender T is an inert, fine, white, fibrous polymer powder used as a thickening agent for Sikafloor® epoxy systems.
• No effect on pot life or cure rate • Low addition rate to change viscosity when compared to other epoxy thickening agents • Economical, easy to mix and use • Improved chemical and abrasion resistance • No effect on pot life or cure rate • Allows for viscosity adjustment during Sikafloor® resin applications to suit site conditions • Non-carcinogenic • Inert non-reactive filler
• Do not hand mix Sikafloor® Extender T/ mechanical mix only • Gloss maybe affected at high addition rates • Adhesion characteristics maybe affected at high addition rates • Sikafloor® Extender T maybe visible in some clear resins at high addition rates • Protect from contact with moisture, Sikafloor® Extender T must be kept dry
Mix Sika® resin components A + B following individual mixing instructions published on the Product Data Sheet or label. Add Sikafloor® Extender T (powder) pouring slowly over a period of 15 seconds to avoid lumps in the final mixture. Mechanically blend for 2 more minutes, during the operations, scrape down the sides and bottom of the container with a flat or straight edge trowel at least once (components A+B+Extender T) to ensure complete mixing.