Krystol External Waterstop Grout K322 25Kg

2_0301503 MFG #: K322-25
$0.00 / PAIL
Krystol Waterstop Grout is a primary component of the Krystol Waterstop System and is used to permanently waterproof concrete construction joints, pipe penetrations, tie holes and control joints. Krystol Waterstop Grout contains fiber and shrinkage controlling additives that limit cracking. The active ingredients in Krystol Waterstop Grout combine chemically with water and unhydrated cement to form millions of needleshaped crystals that grow in all directions to fill any capillary pores, cracks and joints that might otherwise allow water to pass. Krystol Waterstop Grout is typically used in conjunction with Krystol Waterstop Treatment as part of the Krystol Waterstop System.