Sika® Greenstreak® Waterstop CJK Hydrotite 10M Roll

$29.91 / METER
Hydrotite CJ-0725 is the most widely used waterstop profile because the slim profile makes it versatile for floor joints, wall joints, tee-butt joints, side-by-side joints and more. The swelling action combined with Hydrotite’s co-extrusion ensures complete sealing and excellent concrete consolidation with little chance of the profile being moved out of position when concrete is placed.
• Volumetric expansion of up to 8x original size when in contact with water • Repeatedly expands and contracts with cyclical wet/dry conditions • Co-extruded to create directional growth • Slim profile can be used in most horizontal and vertical construction joints • Reserve expansion capacity for future joint movement • Durable: retains strength, size, and flexibility over tim
• Construction joints (up to 7 m water head) • Large diameter pipe penetrations (6”-18”) • Joint repairs (up to 7 mm width)
All Hydrotite CJ-0725 is supplied with a unique delay-action coating. This coating also allows concrete to develop initial strength before Hydrotite absorbs water and prevents any expansion taking place due to contact with fresh concrete. It is recommended that Hydrotite be scheduled for installation to minimize exposure to weather and when possible be protected from wet conditions. Hydrotite will repeatedly expand and contract under cyclical moisture conditions without causing deterioration and will maintain superior water sealing capacity