Norstar Industries Galv U-Drain EDR05-G16 Residential 60" Length

2_0301981 MFG #: 701-0-0003
Why Use Norstar U-Drain?
  • Easy installation and handling, the Norstar drainage system comes in 3m lengths that simply bolt together
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, one straight channel in the floor
  • Maintenance is a breeze, a silt strainer basket pulls out of the main sump where debris is collected and water drains away
  • The single neat slot profile blends in neatly with surface materials while providing an effective solution to surface water drainage
  • U-Drain is simple to maintain with no grates to remove or clean
  • Provides a safe environment for pedestrians and vehicles
  • A contractors dream, simply use U-Drain as your centre screed and pour two concrete slopes eliminating the need to hand trowel 360 degrees around a floor drain
  • Minimizes the number of drains and underground piping needed
  • Long lasting stainless steel or galvanized models allows for longer life span
  • Lightweight galvanized paddle to clean the U-Drain, self-cleaning options also available using water
  • Custom drainage solutions to meet most clients drainage configurations
  • High rate of flow, allowing for quick drainage and optimal performance