Sikadur® 31SBA SLow Set 5 - 15 C

2_0302551 MFG #: K08883
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Sikadur® 31 SBA Slow Set is a unique, two component epoxy resin based, structural adhesive. It is moisture tolerant during application and curing and provides high-modulus and high strength properties once cured. The material is specifically formulated as an adhesive paste, available in temperature grades to accommodate differing site conditions and construction requirements. The Sikadur® 31 SBA group of adhesives has a proven track record and is widely used in bonding hardened concrete to hardened concrete in the erection of segmental bridges and precast elements, amongst other applications.
• Easy to apply, non-sag paste for vertical applications • Convenient and easy to mix ratio. A:B=2:1 by volume • Excellent adhesion to concrete, steel, timber and most construction materials • Moisture tolerant before, during and after cure.
• For cold weather conditions [-6 to 7°C (21 to 45°F)], refer to Sikadur® 31 SBA Cold Weather • Use of product outside of designated temperature ranges is not recommended • Use the correct setting grade (regular or slow) depending on the method of erection • Lower temperatures will prolong pot life, open time, strength development and curing time. Higher temperatures will reduce all times.
Apply the mixed Sikadur® 31 SBA Slow Set to the concrete surface using a trowel, spatula or glove protected hand. Note: Work well into the surface, especially if the substrate is damp. Spread the paste to a thickness of 3 mm (1/8”) to one face or 1.5 mm (1/16”) on both faces of the sections to be joined, depending upon project requirements. Note: Segments must be post-tensioned within the open time of the epoxy.